Prepare Instead of Panic

There are lots of ways you can be prepared for the unexpected events that life throws your way. When you have the knowledge, tools, and resources you need, you’ll be ready for anything!

Expand your knowledge base relating to children’s physical and mental health

  • Learn about common pediatric illnesses
  • Take a first aide course and then review it regularly
  • Learn about childhood safety issues and how to prevent unintentional injuries
  • Learn about common mental health issues with children
  • Brush up on your communication skills
Store the gear you need

Gather your tools

Figure out which tools make sense for your family. Some families want huge first aid kits equipped for any situation. Other families are happy with the basics.

Think outside the first aid box

  • What items do you need for a kid who has a cold?
  • What supplies do you want when your kid has a stomach bug?
  • What items will help you if you are on the go?


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