Have you got a child with Asthma? As a registered nurse, I’ve talked to a lot of kids and parents who are nervous about this diagnosis. Once you’ve received education from healthcare professionals, it can be helpful to supplement your knowledge with some of the best books about asthma for kids.

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What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Why Read Books About Asthma To kids?

Reading books about asthma can help your kids overcome their fear of the condition and answer questions they might have. Books written specifically for kids can help children to learn about asthma in a way that is engaging and relatable.

Blu Breathes Snow..! : Explain Asthma to kids

This adorable book is about little blue the dragon who doesn’t breath like the other dragons. It’s a great story to help kids understand that it’s okay to have asthma. Sometimes using an inhaler can make kids feel self conscious about being different, and helping kids feel comfortable with their differences will build their confidence and self esteem.

Taking Asthma to School

This is an excellent book to help children and parents discuss asthma with schoolmates and in the classroom. When children’s peers have a better understanding of asthma, it can decrease bullying and increase empathy.

The Lion Who Had Asthma

Sean likes to roar and pretend he is a lion. When he has asthma, Sean’s chest hurts and he coughs. Read the book to see how Sean’s family helps him get his roar back.

I Have Asthma

This is a great informational book that teaches how kids who are affected by asthma can live happy, active, and normal lives. I have asthma explains what an asthma attack looks like, what to do, and how to manage asthma.

Asthma: Understand Your Mind and Body

Asthma shouldn’t stop children from leading an active life. When you know more about the disease and how it is treated, you’ll feel more confident caring for your child. Helping your child understand what’s going on and how their body works can be empowering.

Danny Defeats Asthma

Danny is a kind boy who loves hanging out with his friends and learning the art of Karate. But because of his asthma diagnosis, sometimes it’s difficult for him to breath. When one of Danny’s classmates continues to tease Danny about his inhaler and coughing at school, something must be done.

I Have Asthma, What Does That Mean?

Asthma doesn’t have to be scary. These are the lessons the boy in this story learns, with the help of his parents, his doctor, and his imagination. For any child with a classmate, friend, or relative with asthma, I Have Asthma, What Does That Mean? shows asthma is nothing to be embarrassed or shy about. It explains what happens during an asthma attack, and how keeping asthma under control can be a manageable part of a normal, active lifestyle.

Asthma Attack

When a person with asthma has a hard time breathing, it can be an emergency! Prepare your children how to care for a friend with an asthma attack. Learn what’s going on, how to assist, and what to do. When friends and family stay calm, you’ll be better equipped to help your loved ones.

The ABCs of Asthma

This simple book teaches children about asthma in an entertaining way for kids. The ABCs of Asthma matches each letter of the alphabet with words associated with asthma. The book explains the basics of asthma, what triggers it, and how to treat it.

The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma

When Julie, Andrew, and Claire have asthma symptoms, they are anxious about what is happening. As they sit together in the allergist’s office, the Great Katie Kate comes to the rescue by teaching them about the treatment of asthma and allergies. Along the way, the kids learn about their condition and have their worries addressed. The author does a great job explaining challenging medical concepts in clear, accurate, and understandable ways for kids to understand.


Learn how little Roo copes with an asthma attack. This book goes into detail on how to pick up signs of an asthma attack . It gives some helpful information on how to use an asthma puffer and spacer

Benefits To Reading Kids Books About Asthma

  • Learn more about asthma: Books about asthma can teach you more about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for asthma. This information can lead to a better understanding of your child’s condition and how to manage it.
  • Help Your child to feel less alone: Books about asthma can help your child feel less alone in their experience. As they see that other children have asthma and thrive, they will feel more confident and empowered.
  • Empathize with your child: Reading books together is a great way for you to bond with your child. It can also be a way to start a conversation about asthma and to answer any questions that your kids may have.
Tips For How To Talk To Your Child About Asthma

Use age-appropriate language: Avoid using medical jargon that your child may not understand. Instead, speak on their level to explain what asthma is and how it affects their body.

Encourage questions: Let your child know that it’s okay to ask questions about asthma. This will help them to better understand their condition and feel more in control.

See if they can teach it back to you: When you think they have a good handle of the information, see if they can explain it back to you. This is a great way to see if you need to clarify anything.

Remember To Talk To Your Child’s Doctor

The internet is filled with helpful information, but the best person for you to talk to about your child’s asthma is their specialist or pediatrician. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s asthma, don’t hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider.

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