Lice is one of those topics no one want’s to talk about. Some individuals even avoid saying the word out loud for fear people will think they have it. Here’s the thing, lice happens and its nothing to be ashamed of. It can happen to anybody. I’ve created this list of the best books about lice for kids to help you discuss this challenging subject with your children.

A boy scratches his head. Reading the best books about lice for kids will help you talk about this itchy topic with your family.

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The Best Books About Lice For Kids

Bugs in My Hair

This entertaining read by David Shannon takes a humorous approach on the topic of lice. The books weaves interesting facts throughout the story and is sure to make you and your child laugh.

Head Lice: The Disgusting Critters Series

This is a non fiction book packed with useful information on lice. Learn about their basic anatomy, how lice spread, and how to get rid of the pesky creatures. The playful illustrations make this an easy and fun read.

Bugs In My Hair?!

Yes, the title is the same as the first book on the list, but this is a different story! This book is about a little girl name Ellie and what happens when she gets lice. Kids will find this book relatable and it goes a long ways towards normalizing the challenge of experiencing lice.

Lice Check #12 (George Brown, Class Clown) 

When lice show up at Edith B. Sugarman Elementary School, George does everything he can to avoid the infestation. Kids will love George and his funny adventures. They might also discover that lice isn’t the worst thing in the world after all.

What’s Bugging Nurse Penny?

Nurse Penny holds a school assembly to teach her school all about lice. If you read this book, you’ll get all of her tips and tricks. I love that nurse Penny shares that’s she’s had lice too! This book that takes away the shame of having lice, and provides helpful information as well.


Yikes-Lice is a lighthearted book that tackles the topic with rhyming verse. It tells the story of a girl who has lice and how she gets rid of it. Like other books on my list, this one provides facts that are useful about having lice.

The Mouse the Louse and Superba

Looking for a book that just has a character that is a louse? Check out this book by John Cox. Lice doesn’t seem quite as terrifying when they are just a normal part of the story.

Lice (I See Insects)

This little book is a simple way to talk about lice with younger children. Easy to read sentences and interesting pictures will help your kids learn some of the basics about lice.

Scritch Scratch

In this hard to find book, Miss Calypso and her class become infested with lice. The principal comes to the rescue in a hilarious story that has an unexpected ending.

Lice (Nature’s Children) 

Another non fiction book, this book is great for curious kids who want to know more about lice. This books gives the big picture about lice and their place in our world.

Final Thoughts

Do yourself a favor and demystify the lice experience for your child. Learning about the things that scare us is empowering. As you listen to your child and allow them to ask questions, they’ll know that lice is just something that happens and nothing to be ashamed of. Knowing more about lice is also helpful in preventing it and getting rid of it if it occurs!

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