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It is well known that deep breathing and mindfulness have proven health benefits for children and adults. Because of their age and attention span, for some kids, it can be difficult to sit still and just breath. This is where the best deep breathing tools come in. If you want to work on mindfulness with your kids, these tools can help your child develop deep breathing skills. You’ll both have fun while doing it too!

Mr. Pen- Rainbow Flower Pinwheels

These sturdy pinwheels are great for helping kids to practice deep breathing. Their bright colors and flower like appearance make them an engaging toy inspire inspiration. Have your child take a deep breath and breath out deeply. Instruct them to make the pinwheel spin at a steady rate.

JOYIN 14.6’’ Big Bubble Wands for Kids

Blowing bubbles is a surefire way to get your child deep breathing like a pro. Bubble wands make it easy for your child to experience quick success. Have your child practice blowing the biggest bubbles they can. This pack of 12 should last you for a while!

Expandable Breathing Ball

The expanding ball is an excellent tool to help kids engage in, and practice deep breathing. By watching the ball expand and contract with each breath, kids have a great visual cue on what to do. This can also be a helpful tool to help kids focus on mindfulness.

Crazy Straws

Using crazy straws is a fun way to have kids practice deep breathing. Place a straw in water and have your child blow into it. They will love the way it bubbles and the funny sounds it makes. Have them practice blowing long and slow. You could use any straw to do this, but crazy straws just make more enjoyable!

Ball Blowing Toy

By blowing the the colorful ball’s into the air, kids can learn to control their breathing. It may take a little patience, but kids will pick it up quickly. Take note, this toy could be a choking hazard, so don’t use it with younger children and supervise when in use.

Party Blower Noisemakers

Noisemakers are fun for parties, but also a good way to get your kids deep breathing. Kids love the sounds they make and the goofy way they look when blowing them.

Hape Blues Harmonica

Harmonica’s are a musical way to help your child do some deep breathing. They can practice doing long breaths as they experiment with different tones.

Small Wooden Recorders

Another great instrument to assist kids with deep breathing is the humble recorder. These adorable recorders are perfect for small hands and will encourage your child to breath deeply while they make music.

Mindful Maze Boards

If you have a tactile or a visual learner, these boards can be a useful way to help your child learn about different calming breathing patterns. Have your child trace through the mazes while they practice deep breathing to maintain their focus.

Imagine Meditation Cards for Kids

This collection of meditation cards is a fantastic resource to help guide your child with deep breathing. These cards tap into the power of imagination to make deep breathing entertaining and relaxing.

Final Thoughts

Deep breathing exercises don’t have to be totally serious or boring. By trying about a few of these different tools, you can discover what’s most effective for your child.

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