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Trying to find the best kids play tents? It can be hard to decide because there are a TON of choices. This article will give you a detailed overview of the differences between the various types of tents so you can decide which one will work best for your situation.

Why A Quality Kid’s Tent Is One Of The Best Toy Investment’s You’ll Make

  • Imaginative Play: Play tents provide a canvas for your children to unleash their creativity and engage in imaginative role-playing, helping them develop storytelling skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Letting your children help you set up a play tent can involve problem-solving and spatial reasoning, enhancing cognitive abilities in a fun and interactive way.
  • Privacy and Personal Space: Play tents offer your kids a sense of personal space where they can retreat, fostering independence and a sense of ownership over their environment.
  • Social Skills: When kids share a tent with friends or siblings, it encourages cooperation, negotiation, and teamwork as they collaborate on games and scenarios.
  • Emotional Comfort: Play tents can become safe havens where your children feel secure, aiding emotional development and offering a place to calm down when needed.
  • Physical Activity: Crawling, kneeling, and moving around within a tent help children develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Tunnel tents and ball tents are great for this!
  • Screen-Free Play: We all want to minimize our kids screen time and play tents offer a fantastic alternative because they promote active, hands-on activities.

A Beautiful Hideaway: Tiny Land Large Kids Teepee Tent

My girls and I absolutely adore this well-made tent. It was not difficult to set up and is made of quality materials. The tent comes with its own carrying case and lights. It’s also washable, which is a huge bonus. The slight downside of this tent is that it is a little small on the inside, but my girls don’t seem to mind.

A Fun Pop Up Tent: Bluey – Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent

This tent is a hit with kids because of its trendy theme. Parents appreciate how easy it is to set up. The main complaint with this tent is its lack of durability and thin material. If your looking for a tent that will delight your child and are okay with it not lasting long-term, the Bluey tent is a solid choice.

The Most Spacious Kid’s Tent: The Original AIR FORT

These tents come in multiple designs and there are some fun themes to pick between. Take note, you’ll need box fan to inflate this tent. If you decide to go for an Air Fort, make sure you have enough space! All the neighborhood kids are going to want to come and play in this massive tent.

A Breeze To Set Up: Pacific Play Tents One Touch Tent

The Pacific Play Tent sets up in seconds and is one of the most sturdy on this list. Our tent lasted for over 10 years and was my kids favorite hideout. We even took this tent camping as a play zone for the kids while the adults set things up.

Best Space Themed Tent: JOYIN White Rocket Ship Pop up Play Tent with Tunnel and Playhouse Kids Indoor Outdoor Spaceship Tent Set

This tent will help your kids feel like they are in the middle of a mission in space. Because it comes with two tents and a tunnel, there’s plenty of space for multiple kids to adventure together. Some of the reviews have questioned its durability, but it seems about average for the materials used.

The Best Outdoors Play Tent For Kids: Costzon 2 in 1 Kids Detachable Hanging Chair Swing Tent

Your kids will love swinging in their our little hideaway. Add some pillows and it will be the perfect place for your children to read or relax. This tent is perfect for older kids who may have outgrown “pop up tents” but still want a fun space to literally “hang out.”

A Stylish House Tent: Little Dove Starlight Tent

This adorable tent is perfect for those who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition for their playroom. Not only is this a spacious tent, reviews agree that it is well built and sturdy. The lights which are included add a touch of whimsy that kids will love. This tent is ideal for all kinds of imaginative play.

A Ball Pit Tent Younger Kids Will Adore: UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Kids Play Tent

This ball pit tent comes in two different color schemes if you are looking for bolder hues. It’s super easy to set up and reviewers love how it can fold away when not in use. It’s important to note that you will have to purchase the balls for the tent separately.

A Tent For Creative Kids: Tote A Fort XL

This tent kit is the best option if your children like to cobble together their own forts and tents. The weighted bags help to secure the corners, and velcro makes it easy to attach the pieces together. The slippery material can be a challenge to work with at times, but my kids and their friends have had great fun with this set.

The Best Tent For Play And Camping: Night Cat Upgraded Pop up Tent

If you are looking for a tent that your kids can use for play and actually go camping in, the night cat tent is a fun option. It’s a “real tent” that sets up in seconds that can be used by adults and kids. This is a great option for a teen, or if you are looking for something larger than your normal play tent. It packs away when not in use and is easy to store.

Things to consider when picking a kid’s play tent


Whenever you are choosing a new product for your child, it’s best to consider safety as your top priority. Remember that safety recommendations are often based on age, so make sure the tents you are looking at are going to be right for their developmental level.


When you purchase something that falls apart the next day it’s incredibly frustrating. Let’s face it, kids can be incredibly hard on stuff. Pick a tent that you know you’ll get your money’s worth from.

Your kids preferences/Your preferences

Does your child have their heart set on a fancy tent? Are you kids begging for a more fort-like setup? Try and gauge the sort of theme your child will enjoy the most. For most parents, how a tent fits in with their house and playroom is a top priority.


Most of us have budgets that we are trying to stay within. Choose a tent that you are comfortable purchasing and won’t regret because it was too cheap or overpriced.

Difficulty to set up

This is a huge one for me. Some tents look fantastic but are a major pain to set up. If the tent is a bother to put up and take down, you’re not going to use it as much.


Some children’s tents are simply not made to withstand the outdoors. Consider how and where you and your child are expecting to use the tent.

Available space

Think about the size of the room you are going to set the tent in. If it’s a small bedroom, you’ll want a compact tent to save space. If you have a large family room, by all means, go big!


Are you ok if the tent shuts up completely? Or, would you prefer a tent that you can see inside at all times? I personally favor tents that allow me to easily check in on my children and their friends.

Different types of children’s play tents

There are so many different kinds of tents available, it can be difficult to choose between the best kid’s play tents. Finding the right balance between function and aesthetics is a times challenging. Here’s a breakdown of the major categories:

Instant pop up tents

Instant tents fold down flat when in storage and are simple to pop up in just a few seconds. These tents are great for parents who want to do little to no setup. Pop-up tents are easy to move around without worrying about pieces getting lost or things falling apart. The disadvantage to a pop-up tent is that if kids are too rough with them, they are easily bent and misshapen.

Tee-Pee Tents

Tee-Pee-style tents definitely make a fashion statement! Some of these can be more difficult to set up but have the advantage of giving taller kids standing room. Tee-Pee tents made from lightweight canvas and wood can be surprisingly durable and many of them are washable as well. Some of the best tee-pee tents tend to be more on the pricy side.

Box fan tents

This is the newest style of kids’ tent. It uses air from a box fan to create some of the largest tents you can purchase. Set up and take down are a literal breeze. These tents are some of the roomiest available for kids to use. Depending on your space, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

Pole tents

Pole tents are a classic choice and come in all shapes and sizes. Durability and construction ease differ quite a bit between brands. One advantage to the pole tents is that they come in many different niche themes.

Umbrella-style tents

Umbrella-style tents are like a combo of pole tents and pop-up tents. They are durable and easy to set up. Be warned they can also pinch your fingers during the set up if you are not careful.

Tent Kits

Tent kits are sheets of material with velcro and weights. They let your child use their imagination and are great for free play and simple to set up. The downside of these kits is that they are basically glorified blanket tents.


While not exactly your standard tent, tunnels are another fun option to try with your kids. You can purchase a stand-alone tunnel, or purchase a tent that comes with a tunnel. Little kids especially love crawling through and exploring tunnels.

House Style Tents

These charming tents look just like little homes and make excellent playhouses. House-style tents are aesthetically pleasing, but they do tend to take up more space and can be expensive.

Ball pit tents

These tents pull double duty and act as a tent and a child’s ball pit. Ball pit tents are generally geared toward younger children. The downside of these tents is the clean up. It can take some major time to collect balls that have been thrown to the far corners of your playroom.

Smaller tents made for the outdoors and camping.

If you want a duo-purpose tent that is fun for a child to play in, but tough enough for the outdoors, skip the play tents and get a camping quality tent. Older children who aren’t concerned with a playful theme will go nuts for a tent they can set up in the backyard and sleep in.

Choosing The Best kid’s tent

Because of how different each style of tent can be, it’s impossible to pick the very best tent. In some ways, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, they are just too different. Instead, consider that works best for your child’s interests and your family’s situation. There are a ton of excellent tents out there, and like me, you may end up trying more than one over the years.

Final Thoughts

Play tents offer a range of developmental benefits for children. They serve as creative spaces that encourage imaginative play. Building tents nurtures cognitive skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. Inside these tents, our children engage in role-playing and storytelling. Invest in a a great tent and you won’t regret it!

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