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A child moves their foot on a sensory ball. The best massage tools for kids are items that are developmentally appropriate.

In this guide, we’ll explore a curated selection of the massage tools for kids. Included are ideas for children of different developmental stages so you can pick what you think will work best for your child.

Massage Sensory Mat Module Game Mat for Kids

The OrthoDon Sensory Mat is a bright and tactile puzzle mat will transform your space into an exciting playground of textures. With this tool every step is an adventure! It comes in a 7-piece rainbow set, and has range of textures that provide a soothing multisensory experience. Beyond its playful charm, this sensory mat also offers an unexpected relaxation experience. Walking or playing on its textured surface feels like a fun foot massage.

Knobby Balls – (Pack of 6) Bulk 7 Inch Sensory Balls and Spiky Massage Stress Balls

Bedwina’s Knobby Balls come in a pack of 6, with an array of colors. Thanks to the included hand pump and needle, inflating is easy to do. For little hands that love to grip and explore, these balls are perfect. These toys are lightweight, soft, and fun for kids to throw.

ROHSCE Baby Textured Multi Sensory Toys Massage Balls

With different textures that babies can grab, chew, and explore, these sensory balls provide a fantastic way to stimulate your child’s senses. The durable design of these infant texture balls is a winner. Knowing that these balls are BPA-free and compliant with US ASTM toys safety standards brings peace of mind.

Ladybug Massager

The adorable ladybug design instantly appeals to children’s imaginations. The playful appearance makes it inviting and fun to use. The massager provides a gentle and soothing massage experience. The massager’s gentle vibrations can serve as a calming distraction, especially during moments of restlessness or anxiety. It can be a helpful tool to encourage relaxation.

Infantino Lil’ Nibbles Textured Silicone Teether

This teether has easy-to-hold handles and textured design that provide much-needed relief during challenging teething times. The BPA-free silicone material ensures safety while soothing sore gums. The different textures encourage tongue and jaw movement, helping develop essential muscles for eating and speaking in the future. There are a variety of styles to choose from, each with its own adorable design!

Scalp Scrubbie Sterilized Cradle Cap Brush

The Scalp Scrubbie Sterilized Cradle Cap Brush is excellent for cradle cap treatment, but can also be used as a gentle scalp massage tool. A soft foam sponge combined with the bristle brush creates a gentle and soothing sensation on the skin. This is perfect for giving babies and young children a relaxing and comfortable massage experience.

S&T INC. Exfoliating and Massaging Cradle Cap Bath Brushes

When it comes to caring for your baby, every detail matters, and the S&T INC. Exfoliating and Massaging Cradle Cap Bath Brushes have have some excellent scalp massage benefits. The soft, flexible silicone fingers of these brushes provide a nice massage. Use these when washing your babies hair to create a relaxing and soothing experience.

Important Massage Considerations With Kids

-Remember to check in with your child and stop immediately if they appear uncomfortable or ask you to.

-While massage can be a beneficial therapeutic practice for children in many situations, there are certain circumstances where it is important to avoid or modify massage techniques.

Avoid Massage Under The Following Circumstances:

Cuts, Open Wounds, or Bruising

Broken Bones, Burns

Various Skin Conditions, Infections, and Cancers

Remember: Consult with your doctor when you have questions as to if massage is a safe option for your child

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