An infant on wet sheets. The best bedwetting sheets for kids will protect your mattress.

Bedwetting is often a normal developmental part of childhood. Sometimes, despite following all the tips and tricks you can find, your child still wets the bed. While this can be frustrating to navigate as a parent, there are more tools available than ever before. Picking the right type of protective sheets will make your life a lot easier while you wait for your child to outgrow the bedwetting stage. Check out the best mattress protectors for bedwetters and discover what what works best for you!

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WOVENX Organic Incontinence Pads for Kids

These pads are made made with soft, 100% organic bamboo. They come in several different cute patters that both girls and boys will enjoy. Unlike some night time incontinence pads, Wovenx features an Oeko-Tex certified TPU waterproof backing which free of harmful VOCs.

Gorilla Grip Washable and Reusable Underpads

If you have a wild child who seems to always kick away sheets and leave the bed in a disaster, the Gorilla Grip underpads will make your life easier. This sheet can hold up to 8 cups of liquid which is a significant amount!

Inspire Waterproof Mattress Pad

If you have got an older child who still sets the bed, these sheets are a good pick. They are extra large, so they offer excellent coverage and protection. The dark color is great for hiding stains that may embarrass your child.

IMPROVIA® Washable Underpads

Bedwetting sheets can get expensive and its nice to have more than one. This pack of three is super basic, but it gets the job done for a low price.

YIVEKO Baby Waterproof Bed Pad

If you are searching for a cute design, these sheets are adorable. Made of organic cotton, these pads should withstand up to 400 washes. This company offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can contact them for a replacement or a refund.

Utopia Bedding Premium Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector Twin 

In addition to having a pad on top of your child’s sheets it’s essential to have a quality mattress protector underneath everything. These protectors come in six different colors. Extra absorbent, cozy and breathable, Utopia bedding is affordable and easy to clean.

A Few Other Bedwetting Protection Options

Pull-Ups Boys’ Nighttime Potty Training Pants

Here’s the deal, no one likes to purchase pull up’s because they are expensive! It doesn’t matter what brand you pick, all disposable underwear add’s up over time. Pull up’s are my personal favorite brand as far as no leaks go. If you know you are going to need pull up’s for a while, just give in and subscribe to save some cash. It will save you the panicked run to the store at bedtime because you ran out.

Eco by Naty Pull Ups

Lots of parents prefer hypoallergenic and chemical-free training pants, and these are a solid choice. Eco pull ups are plant based, along with being soft, stretchy, and comfortable. These pants have a reputation for holding up better than some of the other competing organic brands.

Chucks Pads Disposable

This is what we use in pediatric hospitals to keep beds clean and fresh. While they aren’t fancy, they are effective for a low cost. These pads are also very handy if you have a child who has diarrhea or is throwing up.

Final Thoughts

Kids bedwetting is challenging for parents and children! When you have the tools you need, it really does make life easier. Invest in some quality bedwetting sheets, and you’ll breeze through this stage of your child’s development.

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