Halloween buckets. The least expensive food free Halloween treats are fun, not costly.

Looking for non food treats to give trick-or-treaters this Halloween but don’t want to drain your wallet? Check out this list of the least expensive food free Halloween treats.

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1.Madisi Assorted Colorful Pencils

At .13 cents per pencil, these are a steal of a deal. Kids love choosing which design they like and won’t miss getting candy.

2. Sticker for Water Bottles, 300 Pcs/Pack

With over 300 sticker’s to choose from, at only .03 cents per sticker, this treat is fun, but won’t break the bank.

3. Palmatte 140PCS Mini Animal Erasers for Kids

These cute animal erasers come in all shapes and sizes, .15 cents per animal is not a bad price.

4. Bouncy Balls in Bulk – Pack of 250

Bouncy balls are always a crowd pleaser and at .10 cents per ball, they are a solid option.

5. Partywind 408 PCS Kids Tattoos

At .02 cents per tattoo, this price is tough to beat. These tattoos are cute and child friendly.

6. 90 Pieces Scratch and Sniff Bookmarks

Kids can’t resist scratch and sniff items, and these bookmarks are .12 cents a piece.

7. Max Fun 300pcs Spider Rings

Max fun colorful spider rings come in at .04 cents per arachnid. Children love to try and scare their parents or siblings with these.

8. Kids Stick on Mustache Self Adhesive

For 0.08 cents per mustache, kids will have a hoot disguising their appearance and admiring their new facial hair in the mirror.

9. 64 Pcs Dinosaur Theme Scratch Cards

These dinosaur cards will thrill young girls and boys, at .15 cents per card, they are one of the higher priced items on this list.

10. Friendship Bracelets Rope

Friendship bracelets are a winner with most kids. At .10 cents per item, they are not too pricy.

Why Use Inexpensive Non Food Items Instead of Candy on Halloween

  • Excessive candy consumption during Halloween can lead to dental problems like cavities.
  • Consuming too many sweets can result in stomach discomfort and tummy aches for kids.
  • Non-food items also promote allergy safety by eliminating the risk of accidental allergen exposure, making Halloween safer for children with food allergies.

Final Thoughts

Passing out the cheapest candy you can find is fine on Halloween. Just be aware that you have options! Find what works best for you and have a happy Halloween!

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