Children out trick-or-treating. Learn about some of the best non-food items for pass out this halloween.

We all know that the most popular house on the block is the one that passes out the king size candy bars on Halloween night. However, not all of us want to contribute to kids post Halloween sugar rush! Non-Food treats are great option to pass out that won’t lead to future tummy troubles. Check the top ten non-food treats to pass out on Halloween that will delight your trick-or treaters.

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  1. Play-Doh Handout 42-Pack

You can’t go wrong with passing out play doh! These small containers are perfect for little hands and will keep kids entertained long after they have consumed their last snickers bar.

2. PartySticks Glow Sticks

It’s a good bet that kids are going to love glow sticks! Glow sticks are a fun way to light up the night, or save for another special occasion.

3. JOYIN 144 Pcs Slap Bracelets for Kids 

Party like its 1989 and pass out slap bracelets that children will think are totally awesome. You just might save one for yourself.

4. Talltalk 80 Pack 12 Inch Inflatable Beach Balls

These small inflatable beach balls are a great option to encourage kids to have fun and be active. Put some of them in your trick-or-treat basket and they’ll be gone in no time.

5. Tomnk 60pcs Crazy Straws

Kids will go crazy over these crazy straws. They come in bulk with several variations for children to choose from.

6. 300 Pieces Mini Bubble Wands

There is something about bubbles that just makes you smile. Children will walk away happy when you pass out these fun bubbles.

7. 80 Pieces Light up Yo Yo Ball Bulk

Yo Yo’s are a classic kids toy that everyone loves. Don’t be surprised if you see the kids parents giving one a whirl as they walk down the street.

8. Bendy Halloween Monsters

These Bendy Halloween Monster’s will be popular with kids. Their playful designs and whimsical appearance make them a great pick!

9. Mini Cube 20 Pack Magic Cube

Cube puzzles are always in style and are a fantastic way to keep little hands busy. They are great for problem solving skills and fun for kids to play around with.

10. CrayonKing 250 Sets of 4-Packs

Crayons are one of the most versatile items you can pass out on Halloween. Kids can use them to create art to their hearts content and parents will appreciate the extra supplies.

Why You Should Try Passing Out Non-Food Items On Halloween

Excessive consumption of candy during Halloween can lead to dental problems, such as cavities, which is a legitimate concern. Additionally, indulging in too many sweets can result in stomach discomfort and tummy aches for kids. To address these concerns, you may want to explore the idea of passing out non-food items on Halloween. This is a great way to help children enjoy the holiday without the risk of dental issues or digestive discomfort.

Think non-food items are too expensive? Check out this article on the cheapest non-food items to pass out on Halloween!

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to pass out on Halloween will be great! You don’t have to pass out the best stuff or anything at all if you don’t want to. Everyone celebrates in their own way, and that’s part of what makes the holiday fun.

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